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Keyboard Instrument Rental St LouisThere’s a reason that 98% of all concert pianists choose to perform on Steinway pianos. Steinways are unparalleled for responsiveness and beautiful sound. Our instruments have been carefully selected from the Steinway factory in New York and prepared specifically for concert use. Each is meticulously maintained. In addition to tuning, our technicians will meet with your musicians onsite to adjust, voice and regulate the piano as per your requirements.

We maintain a selection of Steinway model "D" and "B" (9' and 7') concert grands for daily or weekly instrument rental. Pianos are delivered and tuned on site. Call 314.344.1133 to reserve an instrument rental.

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Call Patricia Sonnett at 314-344-1133 for more information and scheduling instrument rentals.

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We periodically sell our concert instruments.

Click here to request more information about retired Steinway concert instruments.

Phone us at 314-344-1133.

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