Steinway & Sons

Jane Allen Recital Hall

Jane Allen Recital HallOur 140 seat recital hall is available to music instructors and performers. The hall contains two 7' concert pianos, theater lighting and sound system. Dates can be reserved through 2015.

It is our goal to provide the greater St. Louis piano community with the world's finest pianos. Our hall is specifically designed to acoustically accommodate piano recitals and other events that feature the piano. We hope you find our facility an exciting venue to hold your anticipated event.

To schedule, please call (314) 344-1133. You will be asked to provide your contact information so that a confirmation email can be sent one month prior to your concert event. It is important that we receive your confirmation two weeks in advance, or we will be unable to hold your reservation time.

We offer rehearsal times during our regular business hours.

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