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What Institutional Customers Say About The Family Of Steinway & Sons Pianos

Dear Susan,

I want to thank you for your support in becoming an All Steinway School. As the coordinator of a music department, the term “Steinway” and “Community College” do not often coexist.  I am happy to say that at Lewis & Clark Community College that they do. With the recent purchase of our 18 new Steinway pianos, it is impossible to say how the ultimate benefits will progress. But in the short time we have been an All Steinway School, I can tell you that we have seen unimaginable growth in our department. For the first time in the school’s history, we had to close enrollment in our music classes.  The students are so excited to play on the new pianos that the waiting list for the practice rooms is a mile long. And the attendance at our performances has increased by an incredible amount.

With all of these milestones, I want you to know the best benefit has been the development of the musicianship in our students. The kids are actually able to hear and feel the difference in their performances. Because of the beautiful concert grand piano in our hall, they are acquiring a discernible ear for tone and touch in their playing. This is an unbelievable advantage to us as teachers. We are able to help our students become independent musicians. As you know, most of the concert pianos in the world are Steinway pianos. We feel that because we have provided the best piano in the world to them as students here, they will be able to go forward from our secure environment and compete with the best the world has to offer. 

Thank you and all of the people at Steinway Piano Gallery for helping Lewis and Clark Community College become only the 3rd Community College in the entire country to become an All Steinway School. As for me and the generations to follow, we are eternally grateful.

Susan Parton Stanard
Music Program Coordinator, Lewis & Clark Community College


We recently purchased 13 pianos for the Music Department at Missouri Baptist University. That purchase included two Steinway grands, a Boston grand, two Essex grands and 8 Essex upright pianos. I personally picked out all of these pianos and am thrilled to have them for the music department. I chose a Steinway model B for our Recital Hall and there is a model O in my piano studio. These are wonderful pianos and the students have high praise for them as well. The tone and touch are incredible. The Essex uprights are in our practice rooms. These uprights also have a wonderful tone and touch. Many of the students have commented on the difference in these pianos with what we had previously in our practice rooms. The comments have all been positive. We also have three staff accompanists in our department and they have all been very happy with the Essex grands that were placed in the voice studios.

I can only say great things about my experience working with the Steinway Gallery. Their service is great—they put together a proposal that was just right for our department and facility needs. I am extremely grateful to have these pianos and to have the support of the Steinway technicians as we maintain these instruments.

Cathy Benton, DMA
Associate Professor of Music, Missouri Baptist University


Dear Mr. Malzone:

I am writing to you with great pleasure and appreciation for Mrs. Susan Lutz’s service to the
Ferguson-Florissant School District Fine Arts Department. Mrs. Lutz spent at least four days in the
district while completing a very thorough survey, inventory, inspection and assessment of our
acoustical and electronic pianos in twenty-three schools throughout the district.

Her report detailed a complete piano inventory and analysis, replacement reduction and prioritization
information, long-term planning, funding alternatives and a recommendation summary. This
important information will aid us with quality assurance and will help us to see the overall picture
with regards to future purchasing and maintaining these necessary instruments.

Finally, I thank you and the staff of the Steinway Piano Gallery for your service and efforts to
support our public schools’ Music Education programs. Please express my gratitude to Mrs. Susan
Lutz for her expertise and professional service.

Yours Sincerely,
Dwayne A. Buggs
Coordinator, K-12 Fine Arts


Dear Susan,

Thank you for your support in helping us become an All Steinway School. The vision of past President Dennis Spellman blazed the trail for this new level of musical excellence as a diamond edition to our new performing arts facility. Current President Dr. James Evans and the Board of Trustees supported it with great enthusiasm.

In the short time since we purchased our 27 new Steinways, we are enjoying amazing departmental growth. We are beginning additional sections of courses that have never required multiple sections before. The addition of spectacular performance instruments has added to our already increasing performance attendance. Offering the best music faculty, the best music curriculum, and the best musical instruments enables our students and our community to grow in their understanding of the importance of quality music education and performance.

This is an unbelievable advantage to us as teachers, as we continually strive to “raise the bar” of excellence in our performers and future music educators. Thanks to you and everyone at Steinway Piano Gallery for helping Lindenwood University to become an All Steinway School. The All-Steinway designation helps us on our way to becoming one of the foremost music schools in the region.  I look forward to many years of beautiful music.

Pamela Grooms
Professor of Music, Lindenwood University


Musicians know Steinway is the world’s finest piano. I purchased my Steinway from Steinway Piano Gallery, and found their service and courtesy matched the instrument’s impeccable reputation.

David Halen
Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra


Without question the Baldwin, Boston, and Steinway instruments that you made available to us were indispensable in making rehearsals and performances artistically gratifying. Our music staff was especially pleased with the Boston upright piano used in the orchestra pit for rehearsals and performances…It was the finest such instrument that we have ever had in the pit. Should any of your clients desire it, I would be delighted to give my highest recommendation for your organization and for the Baldwin, Boston, and Steinway pianos that you offer.

Paul B. Kilmer
Director of Artistic Administration, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis


I recently acquired a new Steinway grand piano in my office at Washington University. I was overjoyed at the prospect of getting a new piano, and when I found out it would be a Steinway, I was even more thrilled. When the piano was first delivered to my office I was struck by the sheer beauty of the instrument. The tuning was impeccable and the tone was warm. What struck me the most however was the difference it made to my teaching. In the past, I had been limited by the (previous) instrument. My students weren’t able to adequately respond to my ideas on dynamics and shaping as the piano was too hard to control. Once I began teaching this year on my new Steinway, I discovered talents that I hadn’t been able to see in the past. It has opened up a new world for my students in terms of color, tone, and touch. We are able to work on the smallest details of shading and hear the gradations of sound that are possible with a good piano. I am so grateful for the experience to work with Steinway and to have this wonderful instrument in my office.

Amanda Kirkpatrick ARCT, BM, MM
Teacher of Applied Music, Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Music


Audiences and critics agree, MY FAIR LADY was a huge hit at The Rep! …your pianos were a vital part of its success. The Steinway magic clearly added grace and elegance to our production. Many of our patrons commented on the two-piano version of the show, and specifically the two astonishing Steinway Pianos. Beyond that, you and your staff were so accommodating…working with everyone was a great pleasure. We cannot thank you enough.

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis


The Department of Music purchased a Steinway 7 foot grand last summer from the Steinway Piano Gallery for use in our Music Building Recital Hall. This instrument has been now used in more than fifty performances, ten audition days, numerous master classes, as well as countless choral and instrumental rehearsals. It has greatly improved the quality of our department. It has made an obvious improvements in everyone’s attitude! Our students, faculty, and guest artists have remarked very highly on the instrument. The Music Department formerly had an agreement with a different piano company. In comparison, the Steinway and Baldwin workmanship is far superior, the quality of tone is much more resonant, brilliant and consistent, the ease of playing the instruments is much more even from note to note on the keyboards, and the tuning holds for much longer periods. Quite frankly, the instruments are much more enjoyable for the performer, the teacher, the student, or the listener! We have received superior service from …the Steinway Piano Gallery…and (the) excellent staff in every aspect of our agreement. We look forward to continuing our relationship…for many years to come. I personally recommend them most highly.

Michael Parkinson, DMA
Former Chair, Department of Music, Webster University in St. Louis


It is an incredible joy to play this wonderful instrument. Steinway could not be better represented than by the Steinway Piano Gallery.

Maestro Hans Vonk
Former Music Director, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra


I would just like to tell you how pleased we have been with the new Boston GP178 recently purchased for our classroom building. The Piano plays beautifully, has a responsive touch and an excellent tonal range. I have heard a number of positive comments about it since my inaugural mini recital, even from some of my hard to satisfy colleagues!

Thank you, too for your courteous and thoughtful service. It's so important for us to deal with someone like yourself who really understands pianos and what our artistic needs are.

I look forward with pleasure to our future business relationship.

Very sincerely yours
Seth A. Carlin
Head of the Piano Program at Washington University


Thank you so much for the fine service you have provided in delivering our six new Boston pianos to the North County branch of the Symphony School in such a timely manner.

The Boston's are truly exemplary instruments and have met with nothing but praise and rave reviews from both our faculty and the faculty and students at the University if Missouri - St. Louis. The even sound from top to bottom and the responsive touch are among many of the compliments received. Because the action and response are so similar to the Steinway Pianos, students are able to move from teaching to concert pianos with very little adjustment in technical approach - and, these characteristics are all at a price that fits well with our budget.

Thanks again, David, for all of your assistance and thanks also to Franz for the work he did to facilitate the delivery. I hope we are able to continue to add more and more Boston's to our piano inventory.

Sheila Ryerse
Former Director, Saint Louis Symphony Community Music School


I was impressed with the tonal quality of the Boston piano when compared with the Yamaha

St. Paul Roman Catholic Church
Fenton, MO (Boston)


On behalf of the faculty of Washington University, I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the Steinway grand pianos we purchased in 2007 for the University’s new 560 Music Center. I also want to thank you for the excellent tuning and technician services you are providing; we feel that our instruments are being well cared for. I appreciate your cooperative spirit and look forward to continued association as the Music Department proceeds with its plan to provide fine pianos for teaching, rehearsing, and performing.

Dolores Pesce
Professor and Chair, Washington University in St. Louis Department of Music

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