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Student Piano Rental with purchase option

piano rental st louisFor beginning students – adults and children alike – the better the sound and touch of their first piano, the more initial success they will enjoy.  A high quality piano will inspire the novice, provide reinforcement of technique, and produce faster progress - all of which will motivate the student to practice more and pursue piano as a lifelong activity.

Steinway has developed a special student rent-to-own program for Saint Louis area piano students that allows the first-time player to enjoy the benefits of learning to play on a Steinway Essex-Series piano. The cost is just $95 per month, for six months (plus shipping charges). After six months, if you choose to purchase the piano, Steinway will credit the monthly rental charges. You may also return the piano after six months with no further obligation. Even better, you will lock in special pricing at the beginning of the rental, guaranteeing the lowest price, and protecting yourself against price increases should you decide to purchase.

Instrument Rental St. Louis$95 per month*

$300 round trip delivery**

All rental charges apply toward purchase

* some credit requirements apply ** limited delivery area/steps   See store for details

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