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Steinway Piano Inventory Analysis

This free plan enables schools to consider their options for pianos in a clear, concise, and objective fashion. This begins with an expert evaluation of your existing pianos followed by a complete report on the condition of each piano in your inventory. The Inventory and Analysis Program helps administrators evaluate everything in black and white. It helps to see the age and condition of the pianos, and what needs exist, in addition to repair and maintenance recommendations. The Inventory and Analysis program helps you plan for the future.
One school administrator put it best: “The report showed a real need to upgrade the pianos. We are approaching our piano inventory from a completely different perspective. From now on, we’re going to be doing medium and long-range planning to replace and maintain our instruments. The pianos are used so much during the school year, and the Steinway program has really given us a heightened sense of awareness that the instruments need to be protected and maintained.”


Steinway Piano Gallery can provide you with a free fundraising kit. The kit includes proven events and activities to help your institution raise the funds you need to purchase pianos. Steinway will also provide professionally produced printed material for use during your fundraising activities.


Steinway offers a variety of financing options to institutions including payment plans and lease-to-own. Terms are flexible with monthly or annual payments available.

Trade In Your Old Pianos

Steinway provides generous trade in allowances for your old pianos. By completing the Steinway Inventory Analysis Program, you will know how much your current piano inventory will be worth against the pianos you need.

Contact Institutional Director Susan Lutz at or by phone at 314-348-1133 for information about these special Steinway programs.

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